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A Vegan and Allergy-Friendly Bakery

About Sugar Babe


The Origin Story

Sugar Babe Bakery was created in 2019

by Melanie Voorhees.

Being vegan in a small town, it is really difficult to find options for food or baked goods. Although I have love baking since I was little, my love for it really grew when I made my first custom 4-layer cake.  


That's when I began home-baking. Originally, I was just baking for fun and for donations to my nonprofit Saving for a Storm.

Opening the Store

I started to explore the possibilities of opening a storefront. With the mess that was 2020, those dreams were put on hold. Until the amazing opportunity came to join the Colfax Mercantile in 2021! Through the Mercantile I was able to meet a lot of wonderful customers and practice my skills.    

I knew that opening an exclusively vegan shop would be huge for the Palouse. Since I am gluten-free as well, it was very important for me to have allergy-friendly options at the bakery.

That is what led me to open a stand alone storefront on Main Street in Pullman in January of 2022. I am looking forward to the expansion of the Sugar Babe Brand!

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